Why did you choose the ingredients you put in your supplement?
Below is a list of the ingredients we have packed into each of our supplements. Every product was created specifically for children struggling with mental illness. Research has found that kids/adults with anxiety, depression, or who are on the spectrum/autism, are physically resistant to many critical vitamins and minerals. They can absorb these vitamins and minerals, but they have something similar to a tag in their DNA which makes them resistant to absorbing them at normal levels - and if they take synthetic forms of these vitamins and minerals they might not absorb them at all. Our bodies absorb the most when they are in their natural, or organic form and paired with the correct ingredients so your body can actually absorb them.
So why don’t I just eat broccoli, spinach, and banana’s to get the same result?
First off, yes, eat those good things. The more you can fill your body with healthy foods the better, however, you would have a hard time eating enough spinach, for example to get the same concentrated dose that is in Spero supplements. These ingredients are naturally occurring and organic, whenever possible. Plus, there are so many vitamins and minerals in our supplements that it would be very difficult to eat all of those foods every day to get the result you are looking for. As parents ourselves, we know the struggle to get kids to eat healthy. Many kids have food aversions or sensory issues around these foods making it even harder to get the nutrients needed for optimal mental health.